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Why Travel Insurance

We look forward to travelling as it is all about happy memories and great times. A trip can be fun and exciting if everything goes exactly the way we plan. But there is always a chance of things going awry, thanks to unforeseen situations that are completely beyond our control. While on a trip, the last thing one would want is a lost baggage, ill health, flight cancellations or missing documents. It could be tricky situation if you had to face any of such unpleasant circumstances in a foreign land.

Whether it is a domestic or an international travel, it is a nightmare to face such events that can drain all your travel cash within minutes and wreak havoc emotionally too. A good travel insurance plan is all that you need to stay at peace and combat such unhappy incidents that may crop up during a trip.

Chola Overseas Travel Protection Policy

A business trip or vacation should be hassle-free and memorable. This is exactly what Chola Overseas Travel Protection Policy aims to provide. Whether you are travelling for work, to visit family or friends or to let off steam with an exciting holiday, all you need to do is choose the Chola Overseas Travel Protection Policy and leave all your worries behind.

Chola Student Travel Protection Plan

You are embarking on a new journey to chase your dreams and fulfill your ambitions. It is indeed a very proud and momentous occasion. However, staying miles away from your loved ones in a new country with strangers all around comes with its own bag of worries. Your safety, well-being, and financial security ... are a nagging concern for your parents.

Who better than Chola to take care of you during uncertainties? Chola Student Travel Protection Plan is a partner you can rely on when you need help overseas. Besides making your travel risk and worry- free, the Travel Insurance plan is thoughtfully designed to provide cover during an illness.

Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance

Do the members of your company need to travel frequently? Save your business the expense and hassle with a simple and convenient online travel insurance policy.

Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance for businesses of all sizes offers customizable policies that can be purchased in the name of the corporate entity. Your organization will then be able to issue individual trip certificated for those travelling on behalf of your company.

Our customizable travel cover offers you absolute flexibility with significant cost savings on the premium. Travel as often as your business needs it with the confidence of Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance.

What Are CoveredChola Overseas Travel Protection PolicyStudent travelCorporate Travel
Medical expenses/Transportation of Mortel remains / Medical Evacuation or Transportation
Dental treatment Expenses
Total loss of checked-in baggage
Delay of checked-in baggage
Loss of passport
Loss of international driving license
Personal Accident - Overseas
Personal Accident - Domestic
Personal liability
Financial emergency
Hospital daily cash
Hijack relief
Trip curtailment or cancellation
Trip delay
Home burglary cover
Bail Bond (For bailable offence)
Compassionate Visit
Study interruption (on account of medical grounds/ death of family member or sponsor)
Sponsor Protection
Emergency Travel Expenses - Replacement of Colleague abroad
Accidental Inpatient Hospitalization - Domestic
What Are Not CoveredBusiness/ Leisure Travel PolicyStudent travelCorporate Travel
Overseas travel for the purpose of treatment
Any treatment that can be delayed till the policyholder returns to India
Damage caused by or due to the order of any public local authority or government
Any reckless, intentional or criminal activity, use or abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, or attempted suicide
Participation in air force, military or naval operations, either as a military exercise or as war games
Losses caused by illegal activities or attempted or actual violation of the law, including resisting arrest
HIV/AIDS and all concomitant health conditions
Treatment for orthopedic, degenerative or oncologic diseases unless the medical attention is unforeseen, and is necessary to avert a clear and material danger to your life
Treatment for Cancer unless the medical attention is unforeseen, and is necessary to avert a clear and material danger to your life
Cosmetic Treatment
Pregnancy /pregnancy check-ups /termination of pregnancy or any complications arising out of these
Treatment for internal or external congenital anamolies
Treatment by relatives
Any kind of consequential loss