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Know Your Risk Appetite

Before making an investment or creating a portfolio, it is very important to know your risk appetite. Your risk appetite will depend on various factors - Your age, your liquidity needs, nature of employment, time horizon and the importance of your investment objectives. Knowing your risk appetite will help you choose the right investment products to match your goals. The questionnaire given below will help you know your risk appetite.

Risk Analysis

Please specify your choice in the below given boxes.

The following questions will allow us to understand your perspectives on risk, returns, liquidity and other expectations.

Questions Alternative A Alternative B Alternative C Alternative D Choice
What is the time period for your investment plan <1Yr 1-3 yrs 3-5 Yrs >5 Yrs
What is the most important outcome for you from an investment ? Preservation of capital Generate regular income to meet expenses Generate regular income and Long Term Growth Long Term Growth
Which best describes your prime objective towards investment? Contingency plan to meet the day to day expenses Short Term Goals like buying house, car, etc. Long Term goals like retirement planning and Legacy Deployment of Surplus fund
What is your knowledge of the capital markets? Nil Low Moderate High
How much do you depend on your income from investments for meeting your regular expenses? > 50% of expenses 25-50% of expenses 0-25% of expenses Not at all
Which is the most comfortable investment scenario for you Little chance of Short Term loss, some opportunity for Long Term Gain Moderate chance of Short Term Loss, moderate opportunity for Long Term Gain High Chance of Short Term Loss , high chance of Long Term Gain Very high Chance of Short Term Loss, very high chance of Long Term Gain
If over a three-month period, an investment you owned lost 20% and the overall stock market lost 20%, what would you be most likely to do? Sell all or most of the investment Sell some of the investment Stay fully invested Buy more of the investment
If you were to allocate 100% of your investment into only one of the four possible portfolios,which would you choose? Portfolio - A Best: 6% Average: 5% Worst: 4% Portfolio - B Best: 15% Average: 8% Worst: 2% Portfolio - C Best: 30% Average: 12% Worst: 10 % Portfolio - D Best: 40% Average: 15% Worst: 20%
Your Age above 60 45 to 60 30 to 45 below 30